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Sustainable tourism represents a major challenge for today's rural and urban environments - particularly in mountain regions of the Alps and the Carpathians.

Underdeveloped and insufficient sustainable transport facilities, paired with growing motorization, create significant negative ecological impacts.

The growing number of privately owned cars introduces dependency on this mode of transport. Cars fill our streets, green areas, newly developed suburban shopping districts, as well as rural and recreational areas.



The project ACCESS2MOUNTAIN aims to achieve durable, environmentally friendly tourism, as well as to ensure accessibility and connection to, between and in sensitive regions of the Alps and the Carpathians. It should benefit all (potential) users. With the long-term perspective of increasing sustainable tourist mobility, railway and multimodal connections will be improved and attractive offers created via pre-investment measures, pilot activities, and investments.

It is central to the project, to transfer experiences made and knowledge gained in the Alps to the Southeastern European region. In this regard, the transnational cooperation in the field of sustainable regional development plays an important role. Touristic infrastructures are to be created or improved in a sustainable manner. This paves the way for achieving international environment aims and yield competitive advantages

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Project Title Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Sensitive Areas of the Alps and the Carpathians
Project Number SEE/B/0007/3.1/X
Project Duration May 2011 - April 2014 (36 months)


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