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First cycling coach on the narrow gauge railway in the city of Košice

New investment in Košice on the Children´s historic railway brought combination of the narrow gauge railway with a bike tourism and combination of history with new ideas.

In the first half of the year 2013 an extensive renovation of the historic summer wagon Ca / u 620 took place which rescued the movable cultural heritage.  At the same time the wagon was equipped with bike holders for transporting the bikes from the suburb of the city of Košice to the recreational area Alpinka.

Thanks to this activity a new service for bikers was developed within the Košice area. From the centre of Košice leads a marked cycle path towards the Čermeľ station across the Comenius Street. At the Čermeľ station bike racks are placed for those who would like to leave their bikes at the station and continue only by train.

Bike racks are also placed at the end station of the narrow gauge railway in Alpinka. There begins the marked cycle path connecting a golf course, Alpinka cottage and surrounding forests with lots of tracks suitable for hikers and bikers.

This investment was implemented thanks to the ACCESS2MOUNTAIN project financed under the South East Europe Programme.

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