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One of the project’s objectives is to strengthen small and narrow gauge railways by achieving a modal shift to sustainable tourism mobility in regions with natural assets. The tourism market can contribute considerably to the revenues of regional railways; in some cases together with every day mobility and freight transport.

The first step will be an extensive study on existing good-practices. Its results will be considered in the pilot activities, e.g. for optimizing the organisational structures and the inventory of regional railways as well as for realizing small scale investments for bike transportation. Further activities within the project are the elaboration of transnational ticketing and a customized seat reservation system.

Recent activities


Regional railways inventory

The inventory of existing, operated and abandoned railways in the county of Košice and county of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén was carried out within WP4. Read more

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Polish-Slovak border region: high potential for an integrated sustainable transport system

The integration of regional and transnational railways between Poland and Slovakia is one of the key challenges within the framework of the ACCESS2MOUNTAIN project. The latest analysis issued by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency is considered to be an important basis for the implementation of activities in the near future.
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First cycling coach on the narrow gauge railway in the city of Košice

New investment in Košice on the Children´s historic railway brought combination of the narrow gauge railway with a bike tourism and combination of history with new ideas. Read more

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Analysis of regional railways: Success factors and recommendations

A selection of 18 regional and narrow gauge railways in tourist areas have been analyzed in a comprehensive study with the aim of identifying the core success factors of railway operations. The best practice study provides important references and recommendations for the pilot activities implementation within ACCESS2MOUNTAIN and follow-up activities. Available in English (short version).
The presentation, prepared for a meeting of the Carpathian Convention Working Group on Transport, provides an illustrated overview of the main findings and recommendations of the study.

Read the German Report here.









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