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Activities in this field primarily relate to work package 7; the WP forming the main cluster for policy development and cooperation.

Policy cooperation is defined on two levels: cooperation with the Alpine Convention and cooperation with the Carpathian Convention. The experience exchange between the Alps and the Carpathians is an overall objective of the project. Therefore, the cooperation of respective institutions dealing with sustainable development in both regions is of crucial importance. Interacting with the Alpine Convention and its Working Group Transport facilitates establishing a direct connection to the policy process on sustainable mobility in the Alps with the view of enhancing also the project’s political sustainability. Furthermore, due to its wide network and dissemination channels the Permanent Secretariat will strongly contribute to disseminating Alpine-wide the project results in a transferable format.

In terms of policy development, main activities regard the cooperation with the Carpathian Convention and the facilitation process for developing the Transport Protocol to the Carpathian Convention. The objective is to have an elaborated version of the text of the Protocol to be considered for adoption and signature by the Parties to the Carpathian Convention. This policy document will form the basis for future cooperation and concrete activities in the Carpathian area. Close interaction with stakeholders of the Carpathian Convention, in particular the relevant National Focal Points and the involvement of the Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention, will be established to ensure a successful process outcome.

Find documentation on the Carpathian Convention Working Group Meetings in the section International Events.

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