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The „Study on traffic flows and on possible solutions in Maramureș County and the North of Eastern Carpathians – Romania” was designed as part of the project WP3 – Analysis, traffic flow models and follow-up tools, with the aim to present and analyse the accessibility components and traffic characteristics in the mountainous area of the Northern Romania.

The main sources of information presented in this study consist of national and local statistics, the official information received from various public institutions or taken from their communication channels and last, but not least, a survey conducted during the elaboration of the study.

The document reveals an analysis of the area's vulnerability, the evaluation of the various transport modes and of the environmental impact of pollutant emissions caused by road traffic, the analysis of tourist flows in the area, the tourists’ profile, demand and offer. In order to achieve a complex description of the area, the study also refers to geographical indicators, information on types of management, main legal instruments and administrative forms regulating the transport, mobility, environment and tourism. The transport infrastructure of the area is analysed thoroughly, the study providing information about the road, rail and air infrastructure.

The Maramureş tourist's profile is being shaped with the help of a questionnaire-based survey that has investigated several aspects of the travel to Maramureş. A number of 305 questionnaires have been applied to Romanian and foreign tourists visiting Maramureş during the peak-season month of August.

This study was designed to be a dialogue initiating and facilitating document regarding the drafting and implementation of development plans (Master Plan) of a modern transport infrastructure, adapted to the mountainous feature of the area. All information presented in this paper are vital for the consolidation of a shared vision and a common strategy for the development of the sustainable access in the studied area. The current issues can be improved only if they have been properly identified and highlighted through such an analysis.

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